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I wouldn't have it any other way, but I sometimes wondered what life would have been like if we both hadn't gotten turned on to being fattened up. Perhaps she would have been pouting about ordering a salad instead of a greasy hamburger, just like she used to do when I first met her back in Freshman year. We were both about four hundred pounds lighter back then. This fat fantasy that we both turned into reality had been such a transforming experience, not only physically, but Cutie with a big booty as well.

I, on the other hand, have always been somewhat of a slut. I just love the attention. I have Adelgazar 50 kilos had an unusual obsession with my own ass. Even when Cutie with a big booty was possible for me to jam it into a pair of size six jeans, I always took time to admire my little bubble butt in the mirror before going out on the town to get laid by some random dude.

And there were so many one night stands.


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I'm a little ashamed of some of Cutie with a big booty choices, but I always kept it safe. I always insisted on the guys wearing condoms and I kept a can of mace in my purse. I just got off on making a guy hard when he slapped my bubble butt around. And, man, did I ever love getting drilled from behind, feeling my partner's pelvis strike my butt with every stroke of his manhood deep into my ass.

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There was always something missing, though. I loved the feeling of what I was doing, but it couldn't help but feel that I was missing something. That's where Jenny came in. When Jenny and I became college roommates, we bonded instantly. She was very sheepish and conflicted during that Cutie with a big booty semester, always obsessing over going to the gym or eating healthy food that she didn't really like. I kept on urging her to be a little more impulsive, but she always held back, like she was scared of losing this battle Cutie with a big booty her most intimate desires.

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I always tried to pry it out of her, but she always changed the subject or made an excuse to leave the conversation prematurely. That is until my first day back to school in the winter semester. School didn't start until the first Tuesday of January, but I decided to head back Cutie with a big booty Sunday.

I knew Jenny was going to be there and I wanted to surprise her with one last girls night before the beginning of the semester. When I opened our dorm room door, however, I was in for quite a shock. I entered to the sound of hasty and frantic crunching. Cutie with a big booty I recognized it as the sound of potato chips being eaten. From around the corner I saw a heap of clothes lying of the floor and a pair of bare legs sticking to the end of Jenny's bed.

As I rounded Cutie with a big booty corner I found Jenny stuffing her face with greasy potato chips with one Adelgazar 20 kilos as she vigorously masterbated with the other.

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Grease and potato chip crumbs covered her naked body as she licked her fingers between each delectable bite. Her eyes were closed as she moaned with delight at her own touch. I thought that she would Cutie with a big booty incredibly embarrassed if someone were to walk in on her while she was pleasuring herself, especially considering the kinky situation, so I tried to turn around to leave without her noticing.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I was wearing a backpack which caused me to knock over a Cutie with a big booty of textbooks as I turned. Jenny came to with a start. Tiffany, what are you doing here!?

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I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow! There was no way that she could easily cover up. I should have called. I just wanted to surprise you. I'll leave so you can clean yourself up a Cutie with a big booty.

I was so confused. I mean everybody needs a little personal time, but why was she stuffing Cutie with a big booty with potato chips? She had sworn off junk food since I met her last semester. Now, she was cramming it into her body with reckless abandon.

I headed towards the end of the hall, but before I could get there, Jenny called out to me from our dorm room.

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She had hastily wrapped herself up with a towel. I can explain. I don't know what's going on with me. I'm not judging. You know I obsess over my ass. It's just what I'm into.

Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. I have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service. Quarter-ton Cutie Chronicles: Big Butt Tiffany by qazplmzeroCutie with a big booty 5,9: I think the portions here are a little conservative" "Jenny, you do realize that you're the size of a small whale, right? Nagasaki sex blog Booty a Cutie with big.

If you like to incorporate a little food into your sex life, that not anything to be ashamed of. I wasn't just eating those chips to get turned on by Cutie with a big booty act of eating them. I was eating them because they were the greasiest, most unhealthy bag of chips I could find.

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Jenny never ate unhealthy. Why would she be getting off on fatty foods? Jenny noticed my confusion, so she continued her story. I used to be the fat girl in school and everybody picked on me. They used to call me Jumbo Jenny behind my back. All of this ridicule prompted me to lose weight during high school. I shed the weight and changed my lifestyle choices to help keep it from coming back. I've been doing really well all semester, but a part of me missed the fat lifestyle.

I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted to and I simply hate going to the Cutie with a big booty. Well, when I came home for the break, suddenly Adelgazar 15 kilos was very tempted to return to that lifestyle. My parents have never been Cutie with a big booty with my weight, or their weight for that matter, so their shelves were stocked with a plethora of fatty foods.

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They were incredibly fat. Easily over three hundred pounds a piece. I always wondered how Jenny didn't follow suit when she had so many genes working against her. I have spent the last two weeks gorging myself with unhealthy food. I'm surprised you didn't just jump back into the old fitness routine again.

That's when I started looking up food addiction and weight gain on the internet. I just wanted to find a support group or something, instead I stumbled upon fantasyfeeder.

She then proceeded to show me stories, Cutie with a big booty, videos, and forums, all dedicated to weight gain. I've read so Cutie with a big booty erotic fiction stories and looked at so many picture progressions of men and women gaining massive amounts of weight.

I just couldn't help but get turned on.


I don't know why I have this obsession with I was thumbing through some pictures of women with simply gigantic asses. They wore tight jeans and were bending over provocatively as they jammed copious amounts of food in their faces. I couldn't explain why, but I was transfixed. I felt like a cloud of confusion had been lifted from me. This was what I was missing. I loved my little bubble butt, but it simply wasn't enough for me anymore.

I wanted a big fat blubbery ass to obsess over. I was jolted out of my daydream with a jerk. I don't think I can keep this side of me hidden anymore. I Cutie with a big booty I want to gain weight like the women on this website, and not just Cutie with a big booty little weight.

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I want to feel the sensation of grabbing handfuls of blubber all over my body. I want to gorge myself from sun up to sun down. But I couldn't stand the idea of losing my best friend over this obsession. I ripped open Reese's peanut Cutie with a big booty cup and stuffed it in my mouth. Jenny looked shocked. And with that, we started our weight gain journey. I had never really held back from eating food, but when I started to pile food on my plate that evening at the cafeteria, I realized that I had always limited myself to the healthy food options similar to what my parents had always served me as a child.

Now, however, Cutie with a big booty eyes were open to the vast possibilities of fatty foods that lay before me. I grabbed slices of pizza, mashed potatoes, chicken fingers, and even a custom omelet. All of this, I decided to wash down with a glass or three of chocolate milk. Jenny's tray was also filled with all of the fatty foods that grabbed her attention. One of her plates simply was covered with cheesy tator tots with Adelgazar 50 kilos of ranch Cutie with a big booty on the side for dipping.

Jenny flashed that mischievous grin at me as we sat down at the table. Apparently we had attracted the attention of some onlookers. I feel so naughty. I feel so horny.

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I'm just imagining what this tray of fatty food is going to do to my delicate little body. I could tell she was getting turned on. Furthermore, she was nearing the end of her tray, so she must have been getting full. I can't wait! The rest of our semester continued like this. We took every opportunity we could to eat our fill of food. As the amount of food that we piled on our trays Cutie with a big booty, so too did our appetites.

Soon one tray was not enough to satiate our hungers. Two slices of pizza turned into four, ranch dressing pours got a little more heavy handed, and the dessert bar started becoming a greater priority.

We supplemented our visits to College fucked at party cafeteria with our own private feeding sessions.

We made it a goal to try every menu item from every fast food place in town, so each Saturday night we picked up at least a quarter of the restaurant's menu. It was so much fun that we started rating each item and posting it to a blog. Each menu item's description was filled with nuggets of feedist erotica. We just couldn't help ourselves. We typically sat side by side on Jenny's bed, stripped down to our underwear.

Before the first of these feeding sessions, we agreed to refrain from masterbating while we did it, but the temptation grew too strong. Before too long, the sound of our orgasms became a regular part of our special nights.

I loved to hear someone else as passionate about gaining weight pleasure themselves to the act of eating greasy food. Cutie with a big booty was an incredible turn on. I could tell that Jenny enjoyed it too. Within a month we started noticing the fat piling on to our slender frames. Jenny was visited by the titty fairy Cutie with a big booty started to develop an impressive looking rack.

Her boobs challenged her tiny bra until one day in the cafeteria, the bra just couldn't take any more abuse. The entire thing split wide open, freeing her big boobs from their shackles. Instead of covering herself up, she very conspicuously reached down the front of her shirt and removed the now worthless bra. I could see her nipples, now hard from the cold and possibly the excitement, revealing themselves underneath he tight white shirt.

Underneath her breasts, a small starter belly was also starting to emerge. On her way out, she made sure to pull the shirt up ever so slightly, giving onlookers a sneak peek of what was to come. I, too, started to notice some very encouraging results.

To my delight, most of my fat was accumulating on my lower body. My bubble butt was looking like it was going to burst out of my increasingly tight jeans. Cutie with a big booty just loved the feeling of all of that fat squeezed into such a tight space. I knew that I would grow out of these pants soon, but I wanted to ride them out as long as I could. That day came in late March when Jenny and I were shaking it down at the club, thanks to some fake IDs we scored from a friend of mine.

We had become incredibly popular with the Cutie with a big booty I had never received so many free drinks in my life. I had been worried about what the impact of all the extra weight would be on my sex life, but it turned out that the extra pounds helped me get laid with even greater frequency. As I grinded my Cutie with a big booty ass Cutie with a big booty my attractive partner's body, I felt the denim of my jeans split wide open all along my butt crack.

Instantly, I was wet. I grabbed that guy by the wrist and dragged him to the Adelgazar 10 kilos bathroom. He started to remove my jeans, but I stopped him saying, "No!

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Through the rip. I need you inside of me.

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I need you to pound my fat ass. I was not far from orgasming right then and there. My man did as he was told and grabbed both sides of my panties, through the rip in my jeans and tore a hole for his cock to Cutie with a big booty inserted. I bent over and thrust my growing ass at him as he took his position and slid his dick inside my pussy, I orgasmed immediately.

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This was the first time I had been fucked from this position since I started fattening up. I could feel the extra fat bouncing off my man's body. The sound of my fat ass, glistening with sweat from all of the night's action, was mesmerizing. I felt every jiggle, as my man gave Cutie with a big booty to me hard from behind.

It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. After we finished, I was so tipsy and I just Cutie with a big booty care that part of my ass was hanging out of my pants, but thankfully Jenny noticed and was able to get me home before I got into any trouble.

Our feeding escapades continued throughout the rest of the semester. At the end of May, we had both gained about fifty pounds each. By this time we had generated quite a following of fat admirers through our blog and our activity on Fantasy Feeder. We both received numerous requests to see pictures of our gains, but Jenny was a little hesitant. Isn't this Cutie with a big booty

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I mean the idea of nameless men masterbating to my voluptuous body What would you think about starting a website? We agreed that it was time to move out of the dorms. This could help us cover the cost of food and rent.

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All we have to do is document our weight gains, which I've Cutie with a big booty doing already since we started. You've seen how the community responds to gorgeous gaining girls. A two girl gaining site could be quite successful. From Cutie with a big booty point forward, I shall adopt the cruel name that once plagued me and high school and make it my own.

Say hello to Jumbo Jenny! You were made for it. From now on, you can call me Big Butt Tiffany. Because we both wanted to visit our folks for a little while, we didn't officially begin our new business until Adelgazar 50 kilos in the summer. Jenny had a great time visiting her parents. Her new fatness actually made her relationship with her mom and dad stronger.

Eating was an activity that they could all engage in with each other, so her month at home was filled with cookouts, fancy Cutie with a big booty, and a large quantity of baked goods.

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My month at home was not so fun. My parents chastised me for gaining so much weight and encouraged me to go to the gym. My dad even dropped me off at the YMCA one afternoon and told me he would be back in Cutie with a big booty hours.

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Cutie with a big booty Thankfully there was a Cajun fried chicken restaurant right next door. I ordered their spiciest recipe so I could work up a convincing sweat to fool my dad into thinking I had been jogging. Otherwise I had to be very sneaking about my binge eating.


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I didn't want to fall Cutie with a big booty far behind Jenny; I knew she was going to be in for a never ending buffet of fatty food. To combat this, I bought tubs of butter which I then melted and took shots of when nobody was around. I was often so turned on by this covert act of gluttony that I couldn't help but masterbate, my greasy and buttery Cutie with a big booty acting to effectively lubricant for my favorite dildo.

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During this time, I began to Cutie with a big booty up the new website. We decided to call it twogaininggirls. I already had Cutie with a big booty photographic material from one of our recent feeding sessions, so I was able to make a little teaser for the FA community to get excited about.

I was surprised by the amount of buzz we were generating; my inbox was being barraged with dozens of emails each day. I knew both Jenny and I wanted to use this site to support our fat lifestyles, so I texted her and asked her to start creating a online wish list so fans could help us buy new clothes and fatty foods. When we both returned in July, I was so jealous of Jenny's big gain. She had put on twenty pounds while I barely managed to Dirty british porn on ten.

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